1971 Ford Truck Specifications

by Steve Johnson

In 1971 Ford released three models for the F series of pickup trucks. These models were the bread and butter of the company and Ford released them with the best possible equipment and powertrain available during that time. The 1971 models are part of the F series' fifth generation and featured better interior specifications as consumers demanded better comfort and driving experience.

Trims and Models

The 1971 Ford F series was released in three models; the F100, the F250 and the F350. They were available in several trims and included luxury packages that included the Ranger XLT and the Explorer Special. Trims included the Chassis and Cab, the Flareside, the Styleside and the Platform. These trims came in either a short or long bed, depending on the model.

The optional packages were mainly concentrated on the truck's interior, such as the wood-tone accents and deep cushioned seats features in the XLT package. All models also featured the Ford Twin I-Beam independent front suspension system, allowing a more comfortable and smoother ride. They were also equipped with leaf-type rear springs for better stability and control.

Engine Options

The base engine for all the models was a 3.9L engine with six cylinders and a displacement of 240 cubic inches. It had an overhead valvetrain (OHV) coupled with a one-barrel carburetor. It was able to produce a rated output of 140 horsepower. It also came standard with a three-speed manual transmission. Several engine options were also available depending on the model. These options included a 300 CID Inline six-cylinder engine, a 360 CID V-8 engine and a 390 CID V-8 engine.

Features and Current Pricing

The luxury packages included carpeting, an AM/FM audio system, air conditioning, power steering, a Cruise-O-Matic transmission and a choice of three color trims for the vehicle's interior. Another performance package option was the Heavy Duty Special. This package included heavy-duty equipment that included front springs, an ammeter, an oil pressure gauge, an alternator and a rear step bumper. Since the 1971 Ford trucks are over three decades old, their prices rely heavily on condition and aftermarket modifications. As of 2010 a 1971 Ford truck can cost around $1,500 and up to $15,000.

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