1983 Chevy C10 Specifications

by Steve Johnson
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The C10 was the lightest truck model that Chevy offered in 1983 under their C/K line of pickup trucks. This 4x2 truck was part of the C/K generation that ran from 1973 until 1987, which remained almost unchanged except for minor performance upgrades and design changes. This decade was also the time when new emission regulations and federal laws became stricter, forcing automotive manufacturers to tune down performance and modify their vehicles' frames to ensure passenger safety. For 1983, the C10 had only some minor design changes from the previous model year.

Trim Levels

The 1983 C10 was released in several trim levels, including the base Custom model, Scottsdale and Silverado. Aside from minor interior upgrades and exterior accents, the base and the Scottsdale model were nearly the same. The top-of-the-line Silverado offered luxurious interior trims and exterior accents together with an improved instrument panel. A distinct feature offered by all the 1983 C10 models were turn signals that were now located behind the grille instead of on the bumpers. In 1981 Chevy also introduced new parts and improvements on their truck frames, making them 115 to 300 lbs. lighter. These lighter frames were also used on the 1983 models.

Engine Options

The 1983 C10 came standard with a 250-cid inline-six engine that was capable of producing 100 horsepower at 3,600 rpm and a torque of 175 foot-pounds at 2,000 rpm. There were several engine options available, which included a new 350-cid V-8 engine introduced for the 1983 model. Dubbed as the "LS9" engine, it generated an output of 175 horsepower and a torque of 275 foot-pounds. Another optional engine included was a 305-cid engine with 155 horsepower and a torque of 240 foot-pounds.


The 1983 C10 continued offering two cargo bed options: a 6-foot short bed and an 8-foot long bed. The wheelbase of a C10 equipped with a short bed was 117.5 inches, while its overall length reached 191.3 inches. For a truck equipped with a long bed, its wheelbase reached 131.5 inches and its overall length was 212 inches. All models had an overall width of 65.8 inches, while their overall height reached 65.8 inches as well.

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