1964 Ford F600 Specs

by Tom Lutzenberger

Private and public entities with significant transportation needs used the Ford F600 throughout the 1960s. With different load bed variations, the truck provided a medium-size flexible tool for commercial movement.

Body Weight Capacity

The gross vehicle weight on the F600 measured 21,000 lbs., and the gross carrying weight measured 35,000 lbs. The weight is spread on the 6,000-lb. front axle and 15,000-lb. rear axle.

Tires and Transmission

The wheel setup on the F600 covered a 174-inch wheelbase, using a single tire set on the front and dual tires on each side on the rear. Wheel size was 8.5 inches by 20 inches. The transmission came as a four-speed manual with an adjustable two-speed extra gearing on front-wheel-drive models. Rear wheel drive was for four-speeds only.

Engine Features

The 1964 model boasted a new eight-cylinder engine design with three choices (330, 361 and 391 cubic inches), producing 186 hp on the bottom end to 235 hp with the largest offering. Engine fuel options came as regular gasoline or a diesel engine.

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