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1983 Chevy 4X4 Truck Specs

by Marlin Quintana

For the 1983 model year, Chevrolet changed little in the 4x4 pickups. These trucks were known as the K-Series: K10 for the 1/2-ton truck, K20 for the 3/4-ton version and K30 for the 1-ton pickup. The trucks were identical, in most respects, to the C-Series except that the latter were two-wheel-drive vehicles.

Trim Levels and Standard Features

Custom Deluxe was the base trim level. Scottsdale was next, followed by the top-of-the-line Silverado edition. The K-Series was offered in three wheelbases. The 1/2-ton K10 with short bed rode on a 117.5-inch wheelbase and was available as either a Step-Side or Fleetside. The Fleetside was also available with long bed, riding on a wheelbase of 131.5 inches. The 3/4-ton K20 was available as chassis and cab, Step-Side or Fleetside on the same wheelbase. The Fleetside could also be ordered with four doors as a Crew Cab, with a rear seat, or Bonus Cab, without the rear seat, which extended the wheelbase to 164.5 inches. The 1-ton K30 was also available as chassis and cab, Step-Side or Fleetside, and with two doors or as a four-door Crew Cab or Bonus Cab.


The standard engine was an overhead-valve inline-six with cast-iron block, displacing 250 cubic inches or 4.1 liters. This engine made approximately 120 horsepower and 205 foot-pounds of torque, and featured a Rochester two-barrel carburetor. For the K20 and K30 a bigger version of the six could be ordered -- it displaced 292 cubic inches, or 4.8 liters, and produced 115 horsepower and 315 foot-pounds of torque. K10 buyers could order a four-barrel V-8 displacing 305 cubic inches, or 5 liters, which produced 165 horsepower and 240 foot-pounds of torque. Optional across the line was a four-barrel 350-cubic-inch, or 5.7-liter, V-8, producing 165 horsepower and 275 foot-pounds of torque. Also available for all models was a diesel V-8 with cast iron block displacing 379 cubic inches or 6.2 liters, producing 130 horsepower and 240 foot-pounds of torque. For the K30, a 454-cubic-inch, or 7.4-liters, overhead-valve V-8 was an option. It produced 230 horsepower and torque of 360 foot-pounds of torque, using a four-barrel carburetor.

Other Specs

K-Series pickups used 15-inch wheels, with front disc and rear drum brakes. The standard transmission was a three-speed manual, while a four-speed manual, four-speed with overdrive and three-speed automatic were optional. Other options included two-tone paint, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, air conditioning, locking differential, AM or AM/FM radio, cassette player, power windows, tinted glass and heavy-duty upgrades to the automatic transmission, battery and radiator. Automatic locking hubs were used on K10 and K20 trucks.

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