10 Best Gas Saver Cars

by Rose Broyles

With high gas prices, more and more consumers are abandoning their gas guzzling vehicles and opting for more gas-efficient vehicles. From 4-cylinders to hybrid vehicles, car manufacturers continue to produce gas saver cars for the public. Consumers look to various publications and news outlets to see what cars fare best. There are differences in ratings and opinions, but overall certain cars continually make the cut.

Toyota Prius IV

The Toyota Prius IV is a hybrid vehicle made by Toyota. It switches to electrical energy when the car is idle. According to Consumer reports, the Toyota Prius IV is ranked at the top of the list for gas-efficient cars. The Prius measures at 32 City MPG and 55 Highway MPG.

Smart For Two Passion

The Smart For Two Passion coupe is a very small but fuel efficient vehicle. It comes equipped with a roof, A/C, power windows and mirrors as well as climate control and electric and heated side mirrors. Ranked #2 on Consumer Reports and #8 on Cars.com, Smart For Two Passion, also known as smart cars get approximately 30 MPG in the city and 44 MPG on the highway.

Honda Insight

Honda Insight is the competitor to Toyota’s Prius. It is a compact hybrid vehicle; it ranks at #3 on Consumer Reports and #4 on Cars.com. It gets approximately 40 MPG in the city and 45 MPG on the highway.

Volkswagon Golf TDI (Manual)

The Volkswagon Golf TDI is a hatchback vehicle on the market since 1974. It is the world's third best-selling car. Ranked #4 on Consumer Reports, the Volkswagen Golf gets 27 MPG in the city and 49 MPG on the highway.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Cars.com ranks the Ford Fusion Hybrid on #2 of its list of best overall fuel economy and Consumer Reports ranks it at #7. It gets 25 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway. The Ford Fusion Hybrid won the North American Car of the Year prize at the 2010 Detroit auto show.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Unlike its counterparts, the Honda Civic Hybrid keeps the standard coupe design. It doesn't have a boxy look like the Prius or the Honda Insight. Consumer Reports ranks Honda Civic #5 on its list and it makes the #3 spot on Cars.com. Honda Civic Hybrid gets approximately 26 MPG in the city and 47 MPG on the highway.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Like the Honda Civic, the Toyota Camry Hybrid keeps its sleek, long lines. It looks more like a luxury vehicle (Lexus) than a commuter car. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is ranked #6 on Consumer Reports and #9 on Cars.com. It gets 28 MPG in the city and about 41 MPG on the highway.

Scion xD (Manual)

The Scion xD resembles the Volkswagen Golf and comes with a 1.8L engine. The Scion xD is ranked #8 on Consumer Reports. It gets 25 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway.

Nissan Altima Hybrid

The Nissan Altima Hybrid is a sporty hybrid sedan. Like the Camry Hybrid, it focuses on more luxury features and comfort. Cars.com ranks the Nissan Altima Hybrid #6 on its list and Consumer Reports ranks Nissan at #12 on its list. The car gets approximately 27 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway.

Mini Cooper ( base manual)

Built by BMW, this tiny vehicle was introduced worldwide in 2001. It is known for its styling and European charm. The Mini Cooper comes in at #9 on Consumer Reports. It gets approximately 24 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway.

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