How to Wire an Electric Tongue Jack

by Bob White

An electric tongue jack makes it easier to connect and disconnect your camper, boat or utility trailer. It works by raising and lowering the tongue of a trailer with an electric motor. This avoids the laborious task of manually cranking the screw jack with your hands. The electric jack is powered through the trailer's battery. Never use less than 10-gauge wire if you need to extend the wires provided in the installation kit. With a few common tools, anyone can accomplish this task.

Strip 1/4 inch of insulation off the white and green wire on the electric tongue jack and off the 10-gauge green and white wire.

Connect the jack's green wire to the 10-gauge green wire with a butt connector. These work by placing one wire in each end and compressing with pliers. Connect the jack's white wire to the 10-gauge white wire using the same method.

Guide these wires along the frame of the trailer to the battery. Fasten the wires to the trailer with cable ties.

Cut the wires to length with the wire cutters. Strip 1/4 inch of insulation off both wires. Connect the white wire to the fuse holder wire with a butt connector.

Loosen the terminals off on the battery. Slide the fuse wire under the positive terminal and the green wire under the negative terminal. Tighten the terminal screws back down.

Wrap all of the connections in electrical tape to provide additional protection from the elements.

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