How to Take a Windshield Wiper Blade Arm off an F-150

by Vicki Wright

From time to time, only the blades of wipers need to be replaced. After enough wear and tear, the blade arms need changing, too. Simply changing the weathered-looking wiper blade arms can enhance the look of your vehicle. It's an easy and relatively quick process to take a windshield wiper arm off an F-150.

Turn off the truck.

Elevate yourself to a point where you can easily see and reach the windshield wipers. If your truck is lifted, you may need to stand on the running board or get something to stand on.

Raise the wiper arm so that you can access the point at which the blade arm section is attached to the wiper assembly.

Loosen the screw with the screwdriver. If after loosening the screw doesn't move to release the arm, tap it with a hammer. Remove the screw. Remove the wiper arm.

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