How to Fix a Bent Wiper Arm

by Dale Yalanovsky

Windshield wiper arms can bend for a variety of different reasons. From something as simple as putting on new wiper blades to having them frozen to the windshield and everything in between. If the bend is severe, and virtually anything over 15 degrees qualifies as severe, no amount of trying to fix it is going to help, and it will need to be replaced, However, slight bends or wrinkles can be successfully bent back into place allowing your windshield wiper to work as good as new.

Step 1

Locate the actual bend in the arm and gently pull the blade off of the windshield.

Step 2

Visually compare the bent arm with the non-bent arm on the other side of your windshield. Wiper arms are made of relatively soft and malleable metal, so begin by attempting to slowly bend the arm back to the visual aspects of the non-bent arm.

Step 3

Release the arm and allow the actual wiper blade to sit on the windshield. Look for any gaps between the rubber blade and the windshield glass. There won't be any with a properly bent wiper arm.

Step 4

Remove any gaps between blade and glass by making tiny little pressure bends on the wiper arm. It does not have to be done to an exact science, it just needs to be close, since the arm is spring loaded and because the blade is rubber, it will naturally flex to the contour of the windshield.

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