How to Replace the Rear Wiper Blade on the Pontiac Vibe

by Johnathan Cronk

The Pontiac Vibe is equipped with a rear windshield wiper. The rear wiper is responsible for clearing and keeping the back windshield clean. The rear wiper allows the driver to have increased visibility when looking behind the vehicle, backing up or looking into the rearview mirror. It's important to have increased visibility during bad weather. Pontiac suggests checking the wiper blade twice a year, or if the performance of the blade begins to deteriorate.

Step 1

Place the Pontiac Vibe in "Park" and turn the engine off. Remove the key from the ignition to ensure the vehicle does not move.

Step 2

Press the two locking pins in. The pins are located where the blade meets the wiper arm. Disengaging the pins will release the blade from the arm.

Step 3

Raise the wiper arm while pulling the blade out. You will hear a clicking noise as the blade is removed.

Step 4

Replace the blade by pushing the replacement blade into the rear wiper arm. Press the pins down while pushing the blade to the end of the arm. The pins will pop up, signaling that the blade is locked in place.

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