The Best Way to Sell a Truck

by Nicholas Pell

When you're ready to sell your truck, you want it to move quickly and for the best price possible.

You need to separate your truck from other trucks on the market. Further, you need to paint a complete picture of your truck using both descriptive words and images. Making your truck stand out from the pack isn't difficult; however, it does require some preparation and leg work on your part.

Preparing Your Truck

Cleaning your truck adds a little extra sheen and polish that will increase its selling value and marketability. Take your truck to the car wash. Get it waxed and detailed. Clean out the inside and vacuum it. Make the truck look as good as it possibly can. Take your truck to a trusted mechanic and have him look it over for any defects that can affect the value. The money you spend will pay off in a higher selling price.


A single picture of your truck won't do much to show potential buyers what they are getting. Take several pictures of your truck from the inside and out. If there are any dings or dents, take pictures of them that realistically portray the damage so that potential buyers aren't surprised when they come to look at your truck.


Get your truck's paperwork together. In addition to the title, you should also obtain a vehicle history report and, if possible, get a maintenance record together. Again, you will spend very little, but will make your truck much more marketable.


You should list your truck on various sites. There is your local Craigslist automotive listing. But you can also list your vehicle on eBay at a set price rather than an auction. has many vehicle listings, and there is always your local newspaper classifieds section. The more places you list your truck, the more people will see it, and the better chance you have of selling it.

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