The Best Way to Clean Fuel Injectors on a Ford

by Tyson Simmons

Fuel injectors are one of the most vulnerable parts in a vehicle for getting clogged, dirty and plugged. This can be a problem, as without properly functioning fuel injectors, it is impossible for your vehicle to run. Cleaning the fuel injectors on your Ford vehicle often can be an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. Doing so is simple and requires only a few minutes.

Fill the gas tank in your vehicle.

Park your Ford on a flat surface where the gas cap side is fully accessible.

Open your gas cap, and pour a full bottle of single-tank fuel injector cleaner into your gas tank.

Close your gas cap, and start your vehicle.

Go for a 20-minute drive or allow your vehicle to idle for 15 to 20 minutes. This will allow the injector cleaner to cycle and prevent it from sinking to the bottom of your vehicle's tank.


  • Buying a name-brand injector cleaner isn't necessary. Nearly all injector cleaner solutions are made of the same chemicals and design and perform the same way.


  • Use caution when working around potentially harmful chemicals.

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