Volkswagen VR6 Transmission Problems

by Andrea Stein

Developed in the 1980s, The Volkswagen VR6 is a six-cylinder engine used in several models, such as the Volkswagen Passat, Corrado and Touareg. The Volkswagen VR6 transmission can experience problems that often can be overcome with a tittle time and troubleshooting.

Bad Transmission Control Module

If your Volkswagen VR6 transmission slips between second and third gear, a bad transmission control module (TCM) may be to blame. Excess voltage or wear can cause the TCM to fail to send the appropriate signal to the lock-up clutch, resulting in gear slippage. Inspect the TCM and it attached wiring for damage, looseness or corrosion and make any necessary adjustments or replacements.

Fluid Leak

A fluid leak can cause the Volkswagen VR6 transmission to stick, or fail to shift properly. Inspect the filler tube base, drain hole beneath the transmission, speed sensor mounting point and the selector shaft for possible leakage, and replace any parts that are dripping transmission fluid or appear cracked or worn.

Hard Shifting

If you experience difficulty shifting your Volkswagen VR6 transmission, you may have a clogged transmission filter. The transmission filter traps contaminant particles in the fluid, which can damage the transmission’s internal components. The filter will clog more quickly if you are using old or poor quality fluid. Replace the filter and flush the transmission to restore proper Volkswagen VR6 transmission.

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