How to Get a Free Vehicle History Report Using Vehicle License Plate

by John Marcheur
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The purchase of a used automobile can present a host of challenges when determining the condition and history of the vehicle in question. The buyer must be well aware of the underlying aspects associated with the automobile in order to make an informed purchase decision. The use of the vehicle history report is an excellent means to acquire detailed information on major events regarding the vehicle from manufacture to recent sale. The buyer must also be aware that no-cost multifaceted reports are available to help evaluate the automobile prior to purchase.

Step 1

Record the vehicle license plate number. Record the correct vehicle license plate number for use in your search. If the vehicle is equipped with two license plates, then ensure that the information contained on the front and rear plate assigned are identical. If the title or registration are available, then ensure that the information contained on the license plates mirrors the information contained on the paperwork.

Step 2

Conduct a reverse vehicle identification number lookup. You may visit the local department of motor vehicles office to determine the vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned to the vehicle in question. You may also hire an online private organization to identify the VIN for you. You will be required to pay a fee after providing the vehicle license plate number to begin the search. The reverse lookup process will provide the full 17-digit VIN number.

Step 3

Conduct a free vehicle history report. You use a private organization to conduct a free vehicle history check by providing the vehicle identification number. Currently, there are a number of services that provide a free vehicle history report to the consumer. Companies such as CarFax and AutoCheck can provide a variety of vehicle history reports, including clean title, lemon classification and odometer information. These organizations advertise widely, and their services can be validated using consumer advocacy agencies such as the Better Business Bureau and the online site

Visit an automobile dealership. Vehicle reporting information is also available through automobile dealerships at no cost. Though auto dealers can provide a wealth of information on a motor vehicle when given the vehicle identification number, this activity is usually done in conjunction with the evaluation of a potential trade-in or in the course of a vehicle purchase.

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