How to View Vehicle History for Free

by Francis Walsh

Everyone seems to be checking vehicle history before they buy a used car to confirm if it's worth the money the seller is asking. Don't be fooled -- you can still view vehicle history for free. Don't pay for a report; shop for a new used car and get a free Carfax history report. You can still get them free when you select from a large list of used vehicles that have Carfax reports waiting for you to view.

Ask the private owner of any used car for sale if he will purchase the Carfax report for the vehicle and supply it as part of the deal. Tell them that it is something you require and cannot agree to buy a car without it.

Visit dealerships that supply free vehicle history reports from Carfax and/or AutoCheck. Many dealers work with local registration offices and have queries available for every car sold.

Shop for vehicles in your area that have a free Carfax history report before you buy. Choose your favorite make and model and purchase from a large supply of clean vehicles that have been researched by state agencies and collected by Carfax, all for free. Check the link under Resources to get started.

View free vehicle history report samples like Lemon Check, Record Check and Problem Car Check at Use your knowledge to make a deal for a free vehicle history report and then confirm the information is complete before you buy.


  • check Refuse to test drive a vehicle without having a Carfax promise from the seller or dealer. If you're going to spend good money on a used car the seller should let you view vehicle history on the car for free.


  • close Do not trust a seller who will not give you a history report for free before you buy. Eliminate the problem of missing information by contacting the state of registration for complete information.

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