How to Find the Value of a Truck?

by Corinne Garcia

Finding the value of a truck or any other type of vehicle is easily accomplished through online resources. However, checking your local listings -- online, in your newspaper's classified section or through dealerships -- is a good way to fairly price a truck. A thorough investigation also ensures the truck's price competitively fits the sales trend in your area.

Step 1

Look up the Blue Book value of your truck through the Kelley Blue Book website. (There is a link in the References below.) This is the most standard pricing system and is used by many dealerships and most in the auto industry. The site will walk you through a series of steps and questions, such as the year, make and model, as well as any added features and wear and tear the truck may have. Once you answer the questions accurately, the site will offer you the Blue Book value, which is a good base number to start your pricing with.

Step 2

Look in the classified section of your local newspaper and the weekly classified papers for used trucks that are similar to yours. Compare these prices to your sale price. See whether individuals are selling their trucks below or above Blue Book value.

Step 3

Search online for price comparisons. In your favorite search engine, search for "truck sales," including the make, model and year of your vehicle. These prices will give you an idea of what similar trucks are selling for nationally.

Step 4

Call your local auto dealerships and ask what the trade-in value would be on your truck. Although this is always lower than what you would sell it for on your own, it's good to know. If you have a hard time selling your truck, this may be your best option -- as long as you are in the market for another vehicle.

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