How to Find the Value of My Tractor

by Cassandra Scheidies
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Finding the value of a tractor is more difficult than a car because materials are not as easily available for pricing. With a lot of research, you can figure out what value best suits your tractor. But most of all, a lot of research will need to be completed in order to figure out final value of the tractor. For instance, the same tractor can be worth something different depending on community you live in and condition.

Step 1

Obtain sales data. Look at newspapers, Internet ads, and online forums to see what your type of tractor has sold for in the past. Compare condition of the tractor and find the one that is most similar to yours.

Step 2

Restore tractor to best condition. If the tractor is in poor condition, try to get it in better condition through painting and completing mechanical work on it. This will increase the value.

Step 3

Observe the community. A farming community is likely going to pay more for a tractor than an urban community. Take this into account when valuing your tractor.

Check out the Official Tractor Blue Book. This will value your tractor much like antique blue books value items. It will provide you a proper range for your tractor.

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