V8 5.0L 305 Engine Specs

by Ron Brow
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The 5.0L 305 V8 is an engine type manufactured by General Motors in the 1970s. This engine was introduced to the Chevrolet as a small variant block in 1975. This is not a readily available engine type. This engine has an advantage of being compatible with the 350 when it comes to the issue of interchangeable parts.


This is a versatile engine as it can be fitted on various types of vehicles including the K10 pickup, K20 pickup, Blazer, C20 pickup, C10 Suburban, Caprice, El Camino, Bel Air, K20 Suburban and Impala.

Engine Block

The engine block is made of cast iron with aluminum cast cylinder heads. The engine has a displacement of 305 cubic inches with a bore and stroke of 3.74 inches and 3.48 inches respectively. The camshaft of this engine is a dual overhead camshaft with a firing order of 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-4. The fuel induction system of the 305 uses both the 2 and 4 carburetors, throttle body injection, tuned port fuel injection and sequential fuel injection. The propshaft of this engine is capable of a maximum power output of 220 hp at 4,000 rpm. The number of revs per minute when the engine is idling in neutral is 650 rpm and the maximum is in the range of 4400 to 4800 rpm. The engine oil pressure at 2,000 rpm is approximately 207 to 414 kPa while the minimum pressure at idle is 28kPa.


The 1976 to 1985 engine has a two-piece rear main seal with the valve covering the bolt around perimeter. In the 1985 to 1987, there is a single piece rear main seal -- this engine is not very common. The 1987 to 1995 engine has a one-piece rear main seal. The valve covers bolt down center and it has a metal timing cover. The engine can have a manual transmission or an automatic transmission gearbox. The thermostat is rated at 71 degrees Celsius and the alternator rating for the hot operating amps is 65 and 72 for the cold operating amps.

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