Specifications for HP & Torque on a Caterpillar 3176 Engine

by Andrew Cohen
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Caterpillar is a North American company that produces heavy machinery and equipment for a plethora of applications. The 3176 marine propulsion engine is no longer in production.

Horsepower and Torque Specifications

The Caterpillar 3176 marine engine is capable of producing a maximum of 600 horsepower when operating at 2,300 revolutions per minute. The peak torque rating of the 3176 is 1,889 pound-feet when operating at 1,600 revolutions per minute.

Engine Specifications

The 3176 is a six-cylinder, four-stroke cycle, diesel engine. This engine's cylinder bore has a diameter of 4.92 inches, and its stroke piston is 5.51 inches long. The compression ratio of this engine is 16 to 1.


The Caterpillar 3176 is 60.8 inches long, 38 inches wide and is 39.5 inches tall. The dry weight of this engine is 2,590 pounds. The dry weight reflects the weight of the engine with no fuel and none of the necessary fluids.

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