How to Find a Used Truck for Sale

by Vanessa Lascano

There are many places to look for used trucks for sale from private parties such as online and newspaper ads. Many car dealers, some even specializing in used vehicles, will also have used trucks available.


Always inspect the engine before buying.

There are many places on the Internet to find used trucks. Some popular general websites for buying and selling are Craigslist and Recycler. There are also sites specifically for used trucks such as 1usedtrucks and toptruckdeals.

Print Ads

When test driving the truck pay attention to any odd sounds from the engine that might indicate problems.

Print classifieds may also have may local trucks for sale such as with local newspapers or Recycler Classifieds. There are also vehicle trading and selling magazines like Auto Trader which is available at many grocery stores.

Auto Dealers

When buying, remember to get all the sale agreements in writing.

Many dealers will also occasionally have used trucks for sale, some with valid warranties still available on the truck. Dealers may either specialize in used or new vehicles.

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