How to Use a Two Post Lift

by Mark Robinson
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A two post lift can provide the clearance necessary to complete automotive repair tasks that cannot be achieved with an ordinary floor jack. This type of lift allows total access to the vehicle's undercarriage, making general auto repair tasks such as changing the oil or installing an exhaust system much easier to complete. Knowing how to properly use a two post lift is important from both an operational and a safety standpoint. Without proper instruction on how to use the lift, the operator can easily be injured.

Step 1

Make sure the swing arms are moved backwards and out of the way. Move the vehicle into the service bay and park it in between the two posts that make up the lift.

Step 2

Locate the vehicle's lift points underneath. Swing the arms under the vehicle and position the pads under the lift points. Consult the owner's manual for your vehicle if you do not know where the lift points are. Check the screw pads to insure the swing arms make contact with the lift points at the same time.

Step 3

Locate and press the button on the power unit to raise the vehicle until the tires are 6 inches above the ground. Move to the rear of the vehicle and push the rear bumper up and down. If the vehicle bounces on the pads or otherwise feels unstable, lower the vehicle to the ground and reposition the pads as necessary.

Step 4

Press the button on the power unit once more to raise the vehicle to the desired height. Lower the lift until it rests on the safety lock.

Step 5

Lower the vehicle from the lift by raising it a half-inch to free it from the safety lock. Pull the cable release and hold on to the lowering handle. The vehicle will slowly descend to the ground.

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