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How to Lower a Jeep Wrangler

by Peter Grant

Jeep Wranglers are designed from the factory for both regular and off-road driving. To help its performance off-road, the manufacturer raised the vehicle's height to give it the needed ground clearance for navigating rough terrain. If the factory ride height is too high for you or if you do not intend to use your Wrangler off-road, you may want to lower it. This can be done by installing new lowering springs on the suspension, cutting the existing suspension springs or by installing a specialized vehicle-lowering suspension kit.

Install a set of aftermarket lowering springs that are designed to fit the Wrangler suspension system. These springs do not require any modification to the suspension, and essentially are shortened duplicates of the factory springs. They are available at auto part stores and also online.

Cut the factory suspension springs on your Wrangler an equal amount on all four corners. Doing so will reduce the springs amount of travel. Cut the four springs one at a time using a hack saw, making sure their lengths are identical. If they are uneven, the vehicle will not be level when they are reinstalled.

Install an aftermarket suspension kit is designed to make the Wrangler handle more like a coupe than a sports utility vehicle or off-road vehicle. These kits not only lower the ride height, they also offer a smoother ride and smoother handling. Coupled with regular street tires, instead of the knobby off-road factory tires that come with the Wrangler, you should also enjoy the added benefit of increased fuel efficiency.

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