Coilovers Vs. Shocks

by Tom Gresham
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Coilovers and shocks are parts of the suspension system on automobiles. The major difference between coilovers and standard shocks is that coilovers afford drivers much more control over a vehicle's suspension system.


Coilover and shocks are both used in vehicles to manage the suspension springs, which bounce a vehicle up and down as it runs over bumps and holes. Coilover arrangements include shocks in them; coilovers are coil springs that are wrapped around a shock absorber.


One area where the increased control of the coilover is beneficial is in the ride height of a vehicle. A coilover also enables drivers to manage weight distribution from the driver's seat. This control allows for the driver to create the ideal suspension in a vehicle, depending on the circumstances and terrain.


Shocks are standard in vehicles, while coilovers are not standard. Adding coilovers to a vehicle also can be expensive, though the process is relatively simple, according to Eurotuner magazine. Coilovers typically are added to high-performing vehicles, off-road vehicles and show vehicles.

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