What Is an Air Ride Truck?

by Victoria Thompson
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Semi image by Andrew Breeden from Fotolia.com

The air ride system allows a vehicle to travel comfortably on the road. Adjust the ride height with a flip of a switch to have the vehicle "riding on air."


Air ride is also called lifted air suspension and provides a smoother ride for the vehicle, like "riding on air." Pickup trucks are heavier and pull heavier loads like trailers. The air ride system makes pulling these loads easier like that of semi trucks that use lifted air suspension.


To install the components of an air ride system, some of the vehicle's factory parts have to be removed and replaced. The front drag links, rear leaf springs and some shock coils are totally removed. Once installed, the air ride system is adjustable.


Once installed, make sure all of the electrical wires are fused closely to the source to prevent fires. If you go under the vehicle to perform maintenance, make sure it is depressurized first to prevent injury.

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