What Does Check Air Suspension Mean on a Car?

by Maelin McCartney
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Certain vehicles come equipped with an air-ride suspension. Instead of a traditional steel spring suspension, an air-ride suspension uses compressed air springs, creating a smooth, self-leveling ride. If the Check Air Suspension signal lights up, the vehicle has detected a problem with the air suspension system, which could be caused by a variety of things.

Air Suspension Switch

The switch that turns the air suspension on and off is typically located on the kick plate on the passenger side floorboard. Make sure the switch is in the “on” position.

Bad Compressor

The most common reason for the Check Air Suspension light is a faulty or non-functioning air compressor. When the air compressor doesn’t work, the air springs don’t fill and the light comes on.

Leaking Air Spring

Moisture and age cause the air bags on the air springs to wear and sometimes leak. In addition to overworking the compressor, a leak prevents the bag from filling completely, lighting the Check Air Suspension signal.


The Check Air Suspension light may turn on if the relay sensor to the compressor is broken or if a fuse is blown. Check the owner’s manual for the location of the correct fuse.

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