GMC Envoy A/C Problems

by Andrea Stein
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Introduced in 1998, the GMC Envoy is an SUV manufactured by General Motors. Air conditioning problems in the GMC Envoy can often be resolved with a little time and detective work.

No Air

If cold air fails to blow through the vents in a GMC Envoy, a bad blower motor resistor may be to blame. Check the resistance in the blower motor circuit with a 12-volt test light and compare the results to the proper voltage specified in the owner's manual. If voltage remains lower than indicated in the manual, change the blower motor resistor.

Reduced Cold Air

A refrigerant leak can cause the GMC Envoy A/C system to produce less cold air. Check the condenser and evaporator for a pinhole leak, broken O-ring seal or torn hoses and make the necessary replacements.

No Power

The GMC Envoy A/C system may not function due to compressor failure resulting from lack of lubrication. Compressor lubrication loss can be caused by a clogged orifice tube, which in turn stops oil and refrigerant from reaching the compressor. Check the orifice for signs of blockage and replace the compressor as needed.

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