How to Use a Steering Wheel Puller

by Alibaster Smith

A steering wheel puller helps you to remove a steering wheel from your vehicle once you have pulled out the center nut. The puller grabs onto the center hub while a screw pushes the steering wheel off the steering column. If you do not already own a steering wheel puller, there's no need to buy one; most auto parts stores will simply rent one to you for a nominal fee.

Place the arms of the steering wheel puller over the center hub of your steering wheel.

Thread the bolts that come with the steering wheel puller kit into the holes on your steering wheel. Every steering wheel that is designed to be removed with a puller has threaded holes in the center of the steering wheel; these holes are used to push the wheel off the steering column.

Tighten the bolts in the holes until the steering wheel slides off the steering column.

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