How to Use the SMOG Model While Driving

by Editorial Team

The SMOG driving model is easy to incorporate into your road habits to make you a safer, more conscious driver when you change lanes. SMOG is an acronym for "Signal, Mirror, Over the Shoulder and Go"--which are the steps you'll follow to put the model into practice.

Step 1

Turn on your turn signal. This, of course, lets other drivers know what your intentions are and makes the road safer for everyone.

Step 2

Check your rear-view and side mirrors to determine where the other cars on the road are located with respect to your vehicle.

Step 3

Look over your shoulder in the direction of the lane you plan to enter. For example, if you're going to the right, check over your right shoulder to see if there are any cars in your blind spot on the right side of the car. The blind spot is perhaps the most important thing to check, as cars in this area are hard to see and can be close enough to collide with.

Step 4

Now that you've checked all you can, proceed safely with your lane change.

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