How to Parallel Park With Cones

by Leigh Egan
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Although parallel parking is not a routine occurrence while driving, most states require that you show proficiency at it as part of your required driver's license examination, especially when you are first acquiring your license. Practicing with traffic cones is the safest and easiest method to learn how to parallel park and helps prepare you to handle tricky real-life driving scenarios. With practice, parallel parking can become a natural part of your driving skills.

Step 1

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Park your car by a curb in an empty parking lot. Place one cone three feet behind your car and place another cone three feet in front of your car. Get into your car and slowly drive your car away from the cones and the curb.

Step 2

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Check your mirrors to be certain no cars or pedestrians are coming. Put on your turn signal and drive slowly to the cones, then come to a stop.

Step 3

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Line the front seat of your car up with the front cone. Apply strong pressure to your steering wheel and turn it toward the curb. Place your car in reverse and slowly back up while looking over your shoulder to ensure you will not hit anything. Continue to slowly back up until you have an ample amount of room to maneuver your vehicle between the cones.

Step 4

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Place your foot on the brake. Turn your steering wheel away from the curb and continue to reverse slowly. Look in your mirrors and in front of you to ensure your vehicle is moving correctly between the cones. Move your car until you are close to the rear cone.

Step 5

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Place your foot on the brake and put your car into drive. Slowly remove your foot from the brake and move your car forward so that you are aligned between the two cones.

Step 6

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Practice as many times as needed. Move the cones to two feet within the front and back of your car when you feel more comfortable with your abilities. Note that each state has different requirements as to how close the cones will be during your driver's license examination. Check with your Department of Motor Vehicles for specific information on parallel parking in your state.

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