How to Do 45-Degree Parking

by Miles Jarvis
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Parking your car on a 45-degree angle is easier than parallel, curb or 90-degree angle parking, and is the first style of parking you need to master before moving onto more difficult parking maneuvers. If you're just learning to drive, you might find this basic driving skill difficult. Thankfully, with a bit of practice and guidance there's nothing stopping you from being able to angle park your car.

Step 1

Find an empty 45 degree angle parking space. Make sure there is enough room to maneuver your car into it. If another car is parked over one of the parking lines, search for another space.

Step 2

Slow to a crawling speed and use your car's turn signals to indicate to other cars and pedestrians that you are planning to park.

Step 3

Keep as much space as possible between yourself and the other parked cars before you turn into the 45-degree angle parking space. This will help you avoid colliding with other parked cars and give you room to correct your parking if necessary.

Step 4

Steer your car slowly into the space when your car's doors have reached the first parking line. Keep your foot on the brake and constantly check to your front, sides and back to ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from parked cars, moving cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Step 5

Straighten your car when you are halfway into the 45 degree angle parking space. Drive at a crawl and keep an even distance between the two parking lines as you continue into the parking space.

Step 6

Stop the car with about one foot from the curb, wall or parked car in front of you. Make sure you are parked off the road and not blocking the flow of traffic.

Step 7

Put the car into park and put on the handbrake if necessary.

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