How to Report Unsafe Vehicles in New Jersey

by Renee Price
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New Jersey uses a special task force of patrolmen to fight back against aggressive drivers. The #77 Aggressive Driver System allows motorists to report erratic drivers when police aren't available. Learn what you can do to report aggressive drivers in New Jersey who speed excessively, change lanes improperly or pass vehicles unlawfully.

Step 1

Try to remember the unsafe driver's license plate number, if it's visible. Note the make and model of the car, it color and a description of the driver.

Step 2

Pull over to the side of the road and write down the license plate number.

Step 3

Call New Jersey's Aggressive Driver system by dialing #77 on your cell phone or dial 888-SAF-ROAD.

Step 4

Tell the dispatcher the aggressive driver's license plate number in addition to the make and model of the car, the car's color, a description of the driver, the road you spotted the driver on and the direction the driver is heading. Provide road markers, like a milepost, if necessary. Leave your callback number in case the authorities have further questions.

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