How to Use an E320 Child Door Lock

by Kallie Johnson

A Mercedes-Benz E320 was first introduced as part of the Mercedes Benz E Class Series in 1996. It is a luxury automobile that offers many different features, some for safety and others for convienance. One of the safety features the vehicle offers is rear child door locks. When activated, they prevent the back doors from being opened from inside and require the driver or front-seat passenger to exit the car and open the back door.This feature is easy to activate and doesn't require any special tools. Child safety locks may not be present in certain E320 model years.

Open the driver's side back door of the Mercedes-Benz E320.

Locate the child door lock. It is on the edge of each back door and can only be accessed when the car door is open. It will appear as a small latch that moves up and down. Lower the latch to activate the locking feature. Lift the latch to deactivate the feature.

Repeat the process on the passenger-side back door.


  • check If desired, only one of the back doors can be activated. They do not need to be both activated to properly work.

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