How to Reset a Car Computer

by Editorial Team

If your check engine light keeps coming on after you have repaired your automobile, then this means the trouble code is still in memory. You will need to clear this code out of the car's computer. Clearing the codes is a simple process and can be done in a matter of minutes. Following the steps will ensure a clean start to your car's computer and no more check engine light flashing.

Step 1

Open up the hood.

Step 2

Remove the positive terminal cable from the battery using your pliers or wrench.

Step 3

Go to your fuse box in your car, and look at the diagram. Select the fuse that is labeled "ECM" and remove this fuse. Sit the fuse aside for now.

Step 4

Keep the car disconnected like this for two to three minutes to clear the computer's memory.

Step 5

Insert the fuse back in to the box. Reconnect the battery terminal. Your car should now be reset.

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