How to Unlock a Toyota Echo

by Martin Woodfield

Developed and manufactured by the Toyota, the Echo is an economy car model that debuted in the year 2000. The Echo never caught on with consumers and eventually went out of production in 2005. All Echo models sold were equipped with a 1.5 liter inline four-cylinder engine with 108 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque. Base level Echo models were sold with basic features and manual door locks, but power door locks with keyless entry were available for an extra charge. Echos are unlockable from the inside and outside of the car, but the process varies based on lock type.

Manual Unlocking Method.

Locate the lock keyhole on the Echo door.

Insert your Echo key into the keyhole.

Turn key clockwise until it halts and you hear the lock disengage.

Keyless Entry

Walk to within around 20 feet of the Echo.

Point the key fob at the echo.

Locate, then press and hold the unlock icon on the key fob until you hear the doors unlock or the car signals the unlocking with a flash of its lights of noise cue.

Unlocking Process from Within Echo

Locate the manual door lock switch or the automatic door lock button.

Push the door lock switch from its current lock setting to the unlock setting to unlock the door manually.

Press the door lock button with the unlock icon upon it. When the door locks switch off, you have unlocked the doors with the automatic door lock system.

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