How to Unlock the Ignition on a Honda Civic

by Ryan Cole
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The Honda Civic is a small, inexpensive passenger car that comes in two- or four-door models. Japanese automaker Honda has been making them since 1972. The ignition on the steering column of a Honda Civic can sometimes lock if you park the car with the steering wheel turned instead of straight. When an ignition is locked, the key goes in but doesn't turn. Fortunately, you can easily unlock it in most cases without any other problems.

Step 1

Check that the car is fully in park.

Step 2

Hold down the brake with your foot.

Step 3

Turn the steering wheel toward the left as you simultaneously try to turn the key in the ignition. Push the key firmly but not too hard. If it doesn't unlock by the time the wheel has gone as far left as possible, repeat while turning it to the right.

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