Types of Oil for a TREMEC TKO

by Ally Tracy
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Servicing your car's transmission is an integral part of routine car maintenance, but even more crucial is making sure you use the right kind of oil and fluids. If you have a TREMEC TKO transmission, there are only a few oils or fluids recommended for use, and TREMEC cautions against alternatives. Be sure you check with your local auto repair shop or mechanic for specific requirements for your vehicle's make and model.

GM Synchromesh Oil

TREMEC Transmissions recommends only three types of oil or fluid for the TREMAC TKO transmission, one of which is GM Synchromesh, specifically part number 12345349 and the TR-35505sp model.

Dexron III Oil

Another recommended oil for TREMAC TKO transmissions is the Dexron III or Dexron III/Mercon Spec ATF fluid. Dexron III ATF is also used for the T56 and 3650 models.

Castrol Syntorque

The final transmission oil, recommended specifically for the Viper T56 TREMAC TKO model, is Castrol Sytorque. Discuss the model and/or conversions you have for your TREMAC TKO transmission with a mechanic to determine the proper oil to use. When you service your transmission properly and regularly, the high-quality, overdrive performance of your TREMAC TKO will remain in good shape.

Fill Location and Level

Remember that you should always fill your TREMAC TKO transmission with oil through the fill plug on the passenger side of the transmission. When the oil approaches the fill plughole, sufficient oil has been added. TREMEC Transmissions mentions 5.28 pints as an approximate amount of oil for these transmissions to contain.

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