Ford 4000 Tractor Fluid Specs

by Jhonna Moye
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The Ford 4000 tractor began production in 1965 and continued until 1975. Many Ford 4000 tractors can still be found in use today. Just like any vehicle, the tractor requires regular maintenance. Knowing the fluid capacities and specifications is important so you can keep its various mechanical parts in good working order.

Fuel and Engine Oil

Available in three-cylinder gas or diesel engines, the Ford 4000 tractor has a 16-gallon capacity for either fuel type, as well as an 8-quart capacity for engine oil. Required oil viscosity is based on the temperature in the area in which the tractor will be operating. The oil should be SAE 5W when running in conditions below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, SAE 10W for 10 to 40 degrees, SAE 20W for temperatures from 32 degrees to 90 degrees and if the temperature is expected to constantly be above 75 degrees, then the oil type used should be SAE 30W.

Engine Coolant

Both the gas and the diesel engines of the Ford 4000 tractor are liquid cooled and require 14 quarts of coolant.

Transmission Fluid

The Ford 4000 tractor was available in eight-speed and 10-speed transmission versions, with each having a different requirement for transmission oil. The model with an eight-speed transmission needs 13.2 quarts, while the 10-speed version requires 12.3 quarts.

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