How to Turn on the Outside Air Temperature Sensor on a Nissan Xterra

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Nissan Xterra is available with an optional feature called an auto-dimming compass mirror. This mirror also contains an air temperature monitor, which lets you know what the exterior temperature is. By default, this feature should be turned on. However, it is possible that someone turned it off by accident. You can the feature back on with ease. If the temperature does not display even after turning the system on, your temperature sensor or display may be malfunctioning.


Crank your engine, or turn your key to the "On" position (the Xterra's electronics must be turned on).


Examine your rear view mirror to find the compass and temperature power button. This button is located on the bottom-center part of the mirror.


Press and hold the button for about one second. Look in the upper-right corner of the mirror; the compass and outside temperature should be visible in the small display.


  • check If the outside air temperature does not appear, there may be a malfunction with the sensor or the display. Bring your Xterra to a service shop (preferably your Nissan dealer) to have it checked out.
  • check If you want to turn the compass and temperature display off, press and hold the button again.

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