How to Turn on a Ford Fusion's Fog Lights

by Josh Baum

If you're driving your Ford Fusion in low-visibility conditions, activating the fog lamps may make driving much more safe and enjoyable. While the fog lamp controls are easy and accessible while driving, they're not completely intuitive; the fog lamps are not indicated anywhere on the manual lamp control. Fortunately, detailed instructions on fog lamp activation are included in the Fusion owner's manual.

Step 1

Make sure the ignition is on.

Step 2

Look at the headlamp control dial on the control console next to the steering wheel. Make sure the dial is set to "parking lamps," "low beams" or "autolamps." The parking lamps symbol looks like an uppercase "P" with three lines coming out of it. The low beams symbol looks like an uppercase "D" with five lines coming out of it. The autolamps symbol looks like a lantern with the letter "A" inside, but autolamps are optional equipment and might not be available on your Fusion.

Step 3

Grasp the dial firmly and pull it toward you gently. It will snap into an "out" position and the fog lamps will turn on.

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