How to Troubleshoot Ford Windstar ABS & Traction Control

by Alibaster Smith
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The ABS and traction control on a Ford Windstar helps to provide increased vehicle stability while driving. The ABS, or anti-lock braking system, helps improve driver control under hard braking. The ABS system senses wheel speed and when the wheels lock up it electronically starts pumping the brakes for you as you press and hold the brake pedal. Traction control works to transfer power in the drive wheels from the wheel that is slipping or cannot gain traction to the wheel that has better traction. When these systems fail or malfunction, you will need to have them serviced by a professional mechanic. However, before you take your Windstar to a shop, you should troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1

Open the fuse panel cover under the steering column of your Windstar by pulling down on the fuse panel cover.

Step 2

Locate the fuse for the traction control and ABS. Use the fuse diagram to locate the fuse for these systems.

Step 3

Pull the fuse for the ABS and traction control using the fuse puller in the fuse panel.

Step 4

Check the metal strip in the fuse to make sure that the strip isn't burned or broken. If it is damaged in any way, replace the fuse with a new fuse of the same amperage.

Step 5

Turn the ignition key to the "II" position and check to see if the "ABS" or "Trac" light illuminates. If either of these lights comes on, there is a problem with the wheel bearing assembly or ABS sensor at the wheel bearing. Since the sensors are fixed to the wheel bearing, you will need to have this part serviced by a mechanic that has access to a wheel bearing press.

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