How to Troubleshoot a Toyota Pickup Hood Cable Latch

by Alibaster Smith
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The hood latch cable on your Toyota pickup releases the locking mechanism under the hood so that you can open the hood and work in the engine bay. Unfortunately, this cable can occasionally fail or become loose. When it does, it may be difficult or impossible to use. Replacement cables can be purchased at most auto parts stores for your Toyota truck if you need to replace it. However, the first thing you need to do is troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1

Pull back on the hood release lever in the driver's side foot well.

Step 2

Check the cable tension if the hood does not pop up when you pull back on the release lever. To do this, you need to climb down into the foot well and examine the cable on the backside of the lever. The cable is attached to the back of the lever. There should be little or no slack in the cable when the lever is not being pulled. If there is, this could indicate that your cable is frayed somewhere on the line and needs to be replaced.

Step 3

Check under the hood for a malfunctioning lock mechanism. You might be able to disengage the locking mechanism by pushing down on the end of the hood while an assistant pulls the hood release lever. If this releases the hood allowing you to open it, then the problem could be dirt or debris in the locking mechanism, a faulty locking mechanism or a faulty spring on the latch on the underside of the hood.

Step 4

Inspect the hood latch mechanism. The hood latch on the underside of the Toyota's hood should move freely. If it is jammed or won't move, and there is no debris in the way of the latch, you'll need to replace the latch. If there is debris, you can clean the latch with soap and water, or a degreasing agent and a clean cloth.

Step 5

Inspect the hood latch spring. The spring should not be rusty or bent. The spring creates pressure between the hood locking mechanism on the frame and the hood. If this spring is damaged, then you may not be able to properly close your hood. This spring needs to be replaced by a professional mechanic.

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