How to Troubleshoot a Magnadyne M9900CD

by Jon Stefansson

The Magnadyne M9900CDS in-dash car stereo and radio receiver that picks up Sirius digital satellite broadcasts, traditional AM and FM radio signals and plays CDs. Troubleshooting a problem with the stereo involves matching any on-screen error codes with the a fault and making corrections. Resetting the stereo often resolves many minor technical issues without having to take further action. Many of the most common faults are easily fixed at home without special knowledge of car stereos.


Use a ball point pen to press the "Reset" button on the face of stereo, located in a small hole to the right of the "5" button. The stereo might need to be reset if the car was recently jump started, had its battery changed or if the car battery runs low on power. The radio panel and LCD display may function abnormally when the stereo needs to be reset.


Replace the fuse protecting the stereo's circuit. The fuse could have blown after an electrical fault. The location of the fuse box varies depending on your model of vehicle. Replacement fuses must be the correct voltage and shape. Most auto stores and some gas stations sell car fuses.


Eject the current CD and try a different disc if "ERR 1," "ERR 2" or "ERR 4" appears on the display. ERR 1 indicates a problem with the CD player mechanism and sometimes changing the disc resolves this issue. ERR 2 appears when the CD is unreadable due to scratches or fingerprints on the reading surface. ERR 4 is more severe and indicates a problem focusing the CD reading laser. However, changing the CD sometimes helps clear this problem. Call for repair if code ERR 4 persists.


Allow the car and stereo cool down if "ERR 3" appears on the display. This code appears when the internal temperature of the M9900CDS gets too high to safely play CDs. Park the car in the shade, open the windows or turn on the AC and monitor the situation to cool the player down.


Call for repair if resetting the unit fails to clear "ERR 6" or "ERR 7." ERR 6 indicates a problem with the CD loading mechanism, making it impossible to eject or load discs. ERR 7 appears when the laser is non-operational. These faults need attention from a technician.

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