How to Troubleshoot a Lincoln Town Car

by Maya Walker

The Lincoln Town Car is a luxury sedan that features a V-8 engine and automatic transmission. Newer models of the car are equipped with satellite navigation, a digital speedometer and parking sensors. As a Town Car owner, you may experience problems with the vehicle from time to time. Basic troubleshooting of some common problems may help you avoid a visit to the mechanic, and also may help you save money in the long run.

Check the fuses if electrical components such as the power seats, horn or power windows do not work. Remove the fuse box cover located on the dashboard and review the diagram on the inside of the cover. Locate the position of the fuse for the component on the diagram. Remove the fuse and inspect it. If the metal link inside it is separated, the fuse is blown. Replace it with a fuse having the same amperage rating. Replace the cover and test the component.

Check the battery if the engine does not start. Turn on the headlights. If they do not turn on or if they are dim, charge the battery using jumper cables. Connect the positive clamps of the jumper cables to the positive posts on the Town Car battery and the battery of the car providing the boost. Likewise, connect the negative clamps to the negative posts. When the Town Car starts, remove the jumper cables and allow the engine to run for at least 20 minutes to allow the battery to charge.

Check the position of the shifter if the car does not start when the key is turned in the ignition switch. Make sure the shifter is either in the "Park" or "Neutral" position and you are depressing the brake pedal when you start the engine.

Contact your mechanic if your car does not start within a few days of being in the repair shop. The mechanic may have forgotten to connect something. Ask the mechanic to recheck the car.


  • check Contact a Lincoln-certified auto repair specialist or your mechanic if you continue to experience problems with your Town Car.

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