How to Troubleshoot a Ford Windstar Cruise Control

by Alibaster Smith

The Ford Windstar's cruise control doesn't have an official service life, but when it starts acting funny, you will want to make sure that you fix it right away. Replacement cruise control units are rather expensive, even from aftermarket manufacturers. This is why you should troubleshoot the cruise control before replacing the switch or control module.


Open the fuse panel underneath the steering column assembly.


Remove the fuse for the cruise control using the fuse pullers in the fuse panel. Use the diagram on the underside of the fuse panel to locate the fuse for the cruise control.


Check the fuse. If the metal strip in the fuse is broken, replace the fuse with a new fuse of the same amperage.


Attempt to set the cruise control while driving. If the cruise will not set, check to make sure that the cruise control is on by pressing in on the cruise control set button. The Windstar has the option of turning the cruise control off so that you won't be able to set the cruise control.


Check for surging while the cruise control is engaged. This could indicate a problem with the throttle control in the unit. Unfortunately, this means you'll need to replace your cruise control unit.


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