How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a 2004 Ford Freestar

by Patrick Nelson

Ford's 2004 Freestar minivan was sold with either a manual heating and air conditioning system, dual zone manual system with rear climate control, or a dual zone automatic system with rear controls. There were also heated seat options. A temperature sensor was installed in the automatic systems. Problems with the air conditioning in a 2004 Ford Freestar can be related to the cabin not getting cold enough and poor air quality.

Step 1

Deselect the "Re-circulated Air" button if cooled air smells musty or stale. The re-circulated air position closes the main air intake vent. It provides for more efficient cooling, but doesn't allow new air to be introduced into the cabin. The button is on the dash and isn't found in the rear controls. The button shows a depiction of a car shell with an arrow going through it, and illuminates when on.

Step 2

Place the airflow knob into the "Defrost" position on the Freestar if the windscreen becomes misted while running the air conditioning. It's the icon with the image of a windscreen with arrows waving through it.

Step 3

Drive with the windows open slightly for two or three minutes after setting off if the cabin is exceptionally hot. The Freestar will expel its hot air, and the air conditioning will run more efficiently.

Step 4

Check for objects under the seats if airflow is poor in the rear. Ducts under the seats provide air throughput. Check for obstructions like leaves at the bottom of the exterior of the wind shield if air flow is poor throughout the minivan. Leaves can block the main incoming air vent that's there.

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