How to Take the Transmission Lines Off the Radiator on a 97 Ford Taurus

by Lee Sallings
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The 1997 Ford Taurus equipped with an automatic transmission uses a transmission cooler built into the passenger-side radiator tank to remove heat from the transmission. Removing the transmission lines from the cooler during radiator replacement or transmission servicing is made difficult by the tight confines of the engine compartment. Ford used a quick-disconnect fitting to simplify the procedure; the special tool required to accomplish the task is available at most auto parts stores.

Step 1

Allow the engine to cool. Remove the negative battery cable, using a 10-mm wrench for safety. Set the parking brake and secure the rear wheels with wheel chocks. Lift the front of the Taurus, using a floor jack placed under the front sub-frame. Place jack stands under both sides of the front sub-frame and lower the jack until the weight of the Taurus is resting on the stands.

Step 2

Position the drain pan under the passenger side of the radiator. Slip the Ford quick-disconnect tool over the steel transmission line, near the quick-disconnect fitting, with the two fingers of the tool pointed towards the fitting. Push the tool into the fitting to spread the locking tabs inside the fitting. Twist the line back-and-forth as you pull the line from the fitting. Allow the transmission fluid that is in the line and the cooler to drain into the pan.

Step 3

Remove the tool from the lower transmission line. Slip the tool onto the upper line located on the passenger side of the radiator in the engine compartment. Push the tool into the fitting as described in Step 2 and pull the line out of the cooler fitting.

Inspect the white plastic locking tabs in the fitting and replace the fitting if they are damaged. To reinstall the lines, push the transmission lines into the fitting until they snap into place and cannot be pulled out without using the tool.

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