How to Transfer a Car Title in Kentucky

by Jamie Lisse

If you have a car that is currently titled in Kentucky that you plan to sell or give to someone else, you are required to transfer the car title to the new owner. The Kentucky car title serves as legal proof of ownership for the vehicle. The new owner cannot register the vehicle until the car title has been transferred into the new owner's name. In Kentucky, the local county clerk in each county handles car title transfers.

Step 1

Flip over your Kentucky car title to complete the assignment portion area. The current owner must sign ownership of the car over to the new owner.

Step 2

Complete VTR form # TC96-182 (see Resources), which is the application for a new Kentucky title. Select “Transfer” at the top of the form and complete with the car information, current owner information (seller fields) and new owner information (buyer fields). For titles issued before February 2000, the buyer and seller must complete the form in the presence of the local county clerk so that it can be notarized. As of April 2010, the notary fee is $2.

Step 3

Submit the form to the local county clerk where the car is to be registered. The Kentucky Board of Elections website (see Resources) has a listing of all the county clerk office locations. The new owner must pay the filing fee for the new title, which is $9 as of April 2010, and the transfer fee, which is $8.

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