Why Does the Traction Control Come With My Chevy Malibu?

by Lindsey Fisher
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Car's wheel image by Fenia from Fotolia.com

Traction control is an optional feature available on most cars with antilock brakes. This option helps the car gain traction by preventing the wheels from spinning. The brakes are applied to the wheel that drives the car forward when it starts to lose traction, slowing the car down.

Two-Wheel Drive

Traction control was originally introduced in the Saab 9000. Just like this Saab, the Chevy Malibu is a two-wheel-drive car. Pairing a two-wheel-drive car with a powerful engine results in wheel spin, which benefits from traction control.

Paired Components

The Chevy Malibu has antilock brakes. This system is usually offered with the traction control option.


Traction control was introduced in the 1990s as a safety feature, and is now offered on almost every vehicle on the market. Your Chevy Malibu is either new enough to have traction control as a standard feature, or a previous owner chose to add it to the car when it was purchased new.

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