How to Trace a License Plate

by Editorial Team

There are many websites that let you trace license plate numbers. If you were a victim of a fender bender or other accident and managed to note the other party's license number, you can use of any these websites to get information about the vehicle owner. The websites charge a small fee for the service.

Step 1

Go to a website that provide license plate traces (see Resources). There are many online companies that provide this service. Keep in mind that all will charge a fee. As of 2010, you can expect to pay between $25 and $75 for this search.

Step 2

Register on the website you have selected to use and provide the payment details, including your credit card information.

Step 3

Search for the particular license plate by typing the number into the search box on the website. The search results will include the owner's name, issuing state and ZIP as well as the issue date of the plate.

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