Toyota Skid Steer SDK-8 Specs

by Ken White
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The Toyota Huski 5SDK8 Skid Steer Loader is designed for extreme conditions, from high-temperature to below-zero job locations. The operator's cab has a wide entrance, and the controls are ergonomically designed. The skid loader has multiple safety interlocks, is dirt and dust resistant, and has moisture-resistant connectors. The vehicle is environmentally-friendly, with low exhaust emissions and low noise levels. It is free of asbestos, mercury and cadmium.

Engine and Drivetrain

The S5DK8 loader has a Toyota 1DZ-II or 1DZ-III 2,486-cc diesel engine. The engine rating is 38 horsepower at 2,400 rpm for the 1DZ-III, and 39 horsepower at 2,400 rpm for the 1DZ-II. Torque is 157 foot-pounds at 2,200 rpm for the 1DZ-III engine, and 160 foot-pounds at 2,200 rpm for the 1DZ-II. It has a high-performance oil cooler. The loader has twin hydrostatic transmissions with infinity variable speed. The transmission has axial piston pumps with heavy duty motors. Two hand levers control the steering for forward and reverse with the four-wheel drive loader.


The Toyota S5DK8 has a steel cabin with assist grips. The operator seat has armrests and a two-point safety belt. The vehicle has an overhead instrument panel with oil pressure warning lights, fuel gauge and temperature gauge. The skid loader has low vibration, low-fatigue ride controls and a back-up buzzer.


The tipping load of the S5DK8 is 2,866 pounds and the operating load is 1,433 pounds. The loader has a ground clearance of 10.8 inches. Dump height at a 40 degree angle is 86.22 inches and the reach when fully loaded is 20 inches. The maximum dump angle is 45 degrees. The S5DK8 will raise a full load in four seconds and lower a full load in 2.5 seconds. Dump time is 2.4 seconds. The speed of the loader is 7.46 mph, forward and reverse, and it can handle a 30 percent grade when going forward and a 57 percent grade in reverse. The bucket capacity is 11.3 cubic feet.

Dimensions and Weight

The Toyota S5DK8 is 121.9 inches long with the bucket, 60.2 inches wide and 77 inches high. It weighs 5,524 pounds.

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