John Deere 3400 Manual Telehandler Specifications

by Gus Stephens

A telehandler is a specialized front end loader tractor with high-lift, high-weight capacities. Telehandlers are used for agricultural applications such as loading high-clearance trucks which require extra reach on the loading boom to deposit materials on the bed. They can also be fitted with forklift arms to enable lifting heavy palletized loads in industrial applications. Due to their enhanced lift range and the weight of materials being transferred, telehandlers are balanced differently than standard front end loaders and have more powerful hydraulics. Starting in 2000, John Deere produced a range of telehandler models in its Zwebrucken, Germany factory. The 3400 model was the second in the series. Deere ceased production of all telehandlers in 2006.


The John Deere 3400 came standard with a turbocharged four-cylinder PowerTech diesel engine that produces 100 horsepower at a working speed range of 1,000 to 2,300 rpm. The PowerTech is the same engine used in John Deere's farm tractors and has a 4.2-gallon oil capacity and a 500-hour oil change interval.

Lift And Capacity

The boom on the 3400 extends to more than 23 feet and has a lift capacity of 3.3 tons. Located behind the rear axle, the engine acts as a counter-weight for forward-reaching with heavy loads on the boom.


The 3400 transmission is a four-speed synchromesh manual with special quick forward-to-reverse shift to suit the demands of fast-paced loading. Full-time four-wheel drive and road speeds up to 22 mph come standard.


To perform the heavy lifting, the 3400 Telehandler kas a hydraulic system driven by a constant flow pump that delivers 28 gallons of fluid per minute at 3,400 psi. A joystick on the main hydraulic valve controls raise/lower and fill/dump function. A rocker switch atop the joystick actuates the extend-retract cylinders.


With the engine placement to the rear, wheelbase is shortened, allowing greater maneuverability. There are three steering modes and a turning radius of 11 feet 7 inches.


Operator perks include a multi-adjustable air suspension seat and a soundproofed cab. Maximum glass and minimum support post obstructions provide excellent visibility.

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